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New patients DO NOT give up the right to grow their own plants!!!

Patients are only temporary: Sign-up is for convenience of future purchases!!!

we are ENCOURAGING New Patients to Sign up! 

Welcome to our contact page. Below you can find all the necessary forms needed to be completed in order to become a new patient and/or to start purchasing online products. We have an easy-to-use new patient form located below. This form does not have be completed before any online purchases can be made HOWEVER. We require:

  • A copy/photo of your valid state of Maine ID(FOR AUTHENTICATION)
  • A copy of your valid Maine Medicinal Marijuana Card(FOR NEW PATIENTS ONLY)

After one or both of the above forms of ID are provided, new purchases can begin immediately. Any purchases made by someone who has not sent in a form of ID will be refunded. If you send in your packet via mail, please include your email address so we can get back to you as quickly as possible. With physical mail, we will require 3-5 days for processing time. Once you have provided us with an active ID, you will only have to renew your clearance for purchases when your license expires. We will send out an easy to reapply email when that happens. Any questions can be directly emailed to our administrator at or you can feel free to leave a comment below.

Use your Smart phone or camera to take a photo of your license and/or medicinal Card!

New Patient Form


Had the privilege of meeting this gentleman today and I was impressed
with his dedication to a quality product. He claims to be 100% organic and has the lab tests to prove it. He was generous with his time and knowledge and allowed me to explore the large variety of medications he makes. I wanted to write this review because I felt like this is the way purchasing legal medical marijuana should be, safe, easy, and respectable.

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Contact us at:

We can also be contacted at 207-380-7167


Located in beautiful southern Aroostook County, Maine

Use your Smart phone or camera to take a photo of your license and/or medicinal Card!